table top sale

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For individuals/families: £15.00 per table
For businesses: £20.00 per table plus 10% of profits on the day

To book please call the church office.


Come along between 10 and 3 to pick up a bargain and enjoy fresh coffee and home made cakes.

holy week

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For details of special services, click here.

latest newsheet

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newsheet 2014.04.13

daily readings 2014

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April 14 – April 19 2014

Luke 22.1-23: Judas is not the only one guilty of Jesus’ death. Give thanks that when we too turn away it’s never too late to return.

Luke 22.39-53: A kiss from Judas, a trusted friend; contrasted with the sinful woman’s kiss in Luke 7.38, which one is an act of love?

Luke 22.54-end: Peter’s famous denial; when do we too through inaction and omission deny Jesus in our everyday lives?

Luke 23.1-25 (Maundy Thursday): Pilate acquiesces…imagine being in his position: what if anything, would you have done differently?

Hebrews 10.1-10 (Good Friday): Jesus is sacrificed once and for all; take time today to confess and experience forgiveness for your sins.

John 2.18-22: (Holy Saturday): The temple is Jesus’ body, He’s crucified but is raised again; what does tomorrow’s resurrection mean to you?


07 April – 12 April 2014

M Hebrews11.17-31: such incredible examples of faith in this passage; look for more ways to put your trust and faith into action.

T Hebrews 11.32-12.2: in our setting we are not put to the test so extremely; pray for the Holy Spirit to renew and strengthen your faith.

W Hebrews 12.3-13: even when we do face trials, through endurance & discipline, ‘later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness’ (v11)

T Hebrews 12.14-end: God has given us his grace; use v 14 to pursue peace with everyone you encounter today and everyday.

F Hebrews 13.1-16: (v6) ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me?’ Use this prayer for yourself or someone you know needing re-assurance.

S Hebrews 13.17-end: on the eve of Palm Sunday, let’s focus on the cross and Jesus’ resurrection & as we journey through Holy Week with Him, give thanks for our redemption.

end hunger fast

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TODAY: 04.04.14

Half a million people are going hungry in Britain. Please join a national day of fasting on April 4th and tell the government to get food poverty on their political radar

For a good reflection on the wider political attitudes surrounding food poverty,  read this article by Gillan Scott.




Here’s something to put our parish into a bigger context and a chance to think about what it means for us…

Originally posted on God and Politics in the UK:

Future Church It’s now just over a week since the latest annual statistics for the Church of England were released. They were an example of how even the church finds it difficult not to spin out figures to paint the best possible picture. The headline news was that ‘Overall in 2012, on average 1.05m people attended Church of England churches each week showing no significant change over the past decade. Figures for all age average weekly attendance show around 1 in 5 churches growing, and just over this number declining with 57% remaining stable.’

Compared to the massive decline in church attendance over previous decades that is certainly an improvement of sorts, but stating that there has been no significant change in attendance is perhaps over-egging things slightly. Rev David Keen who regularly crunches these figures on his Opinionated Vicar blog, puts the decline in attendance at about 12 per cent between…

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