daily readings [wk18]

April 29, 2013 — Leave a comment


29 April to 04 May 2013

M 1 Peter 1.1-12: faith is of greater worth than gold (7); it promises an inheritance too (4); how does this re-evaluate your priorities?

T 1 Peter 1.13-end: God judges impartially (17); how was this to influence the way Peter’s readers lived? and how should it affect you?

W Proverbs 4.10-18 (Philip & James): who has been a source of wisdom & guidance for you? how? give thanks for their influence on you.

T 1 Peter 2.11-end: only a truly free person submits that others may go free (24); how do you use & misuse your God given freedom?

F 1 Peter 3.1-12: seek peace and pursue it (11); how will you help to de-escalate anger & aggression wherever you are today?

S 1 Peter 3.13-end: what reason can you give for your hope? how would you answer someone who asked you that today (15)?


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