daily readings [wk 21]

May 20, 2013 — Leave a comment


Daily Readings 20-26 May 2013

M Romans 1.1-17: v12 encourages us to be mutually supportive of each other. Pray for all Christians to be strengthened in their faith.

T Romans 1.18-end: Many examples of turning away from God are listed here; think how you can avoid repetitive damaging patterns.

W Romans 2.1-16: God does not show favouritism (v11). How difficult would it be for you to adopt a more non-judgemental attitude?

T Romans 2.17-end: This passage reminds us to look at our own and others inner motives and not just what is chosen to be displayed.

F Romans 3.1-20: In our busy world, periods of silence (v19) may be used to make us just ‘be’ and even help us be more aware of God.

S Romans 3.21-end: Pray for non-believers to understand the Gospel and to be given righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ (v22).


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