daily readings [wk 23]

June 3, 2013 — Leave a comment


Daily Readings 02 July – 08 July 2013

M Romans 7.1-6: by dying to sin we are given new life by the power of the Holy Spirit; pray for guidance in your choices and directions.

T Romans 7.7-end: when on a wrong path, it’s never too late to return to God; his forgiveness helps you do the good you want to do.

W Romans 8.1-11: a life lived only in the flesh is selfish, but through Christ’s love we’re free to enjoy both a physical and spiritual life.

T Romans 8.12-17: the Holy Trinity is here; one to whom we pray, one who prays in us and one who has opened the way for us to pray.

F Romans 8.18-30: this passage helps us to see the bigger picture; God’s divine providence for mankind, and us, is over the long haul.

S Romans 8.31-end: you will probably experience different life adversities as listed in v35, but use v38 & 39 to draw you closer to God.


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