daily readings [wk 24]

June 11, 2013 — Leave a comment


Daily Readings 10 – 16 June 2013

M Romans 9.1-18: that fate of his nation causes Paul anguish; pray over that which causes you anguish as you look at your nation too.

T Acts 4.32-end (St Barnabas): Barnabas’ giving expressed discipleship & supported community; reflect on your giving accordingly.

W Romans 10.1-10: Christ is the end of the law (4); how do you balance loving God and obeying rules in your life and faith?

T Romans 10.11-end: faith comes from hearing the message (17); pray for faithfulness to speak up & for others’ willingness to listen.

F Romans 11.1-12: v.11 suggests God can bring good from transgression; ask God graciously to redeem any mistakes of your own.

S Romans 11.13-24: Chs 10 & 11 reveal Paul’s great knowledge of the scriptures; decide what part of the Bible you will get to know better.


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