daily readings [wk 27]

July 1, 2013 — Leave a comment


Daily Readings July 1-6 2013

M Ezekiel 1.1-14: a vision of God occurs in exile & hope breaks in; in what experience of exile do you need vision, hope & God?

T Ezekiel 1.15-2.2: which intrigues you more: the stunning vision, Ezekiel’s reaction or the God who stands him up on his feet again?

W Ezekiel 3.1-11: like Israel, we refuse to listen to truth that we dislike; what truths do we resist in this day & age & why do we do it?

T Ezekiel 3.12-end: Ezekiel is called to be obedient not successful or popular; what might this mean for what you choose to do & say?

F Ezekiel 8: the women & the priests are worshipping the wrong gods; what tempts you to substitute true worship for false & why?

S Ezekiel 9: Ezekiel is distressed by God & directly questions what God is doing (8); what blunt question might you ask of God yourself?

You can also download an app for the daily reflections that we use at Daily Prayers
to your iphone, ipad and ipod touch.


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