daily readings [wk 30]

July 22, 2013 — Leave a comment

il_570xN.87613657Daily Readings 22-27 July 2013

M Luke 8.1-3 (Mary Magdalene): despite it being counter culture, Mary is a devout follower of Jesus; be encouraged by her strength.

T Ezk 33.1-20: verse 11 is God’s impassioned plea to mankind; why do so many then, and today, still choose to refuse and not follow?

W Ezk 33.21-end: hearing God’s Word and then putting it into practice, where do you struggle with this, and do you want to change?

T Luke 9.46-56 (James the Apostle): Jesus rebukes the disciples for wanting to destroy; pray for the good of all, including your enemies.

F Ezk 34.17-end: this passage reminds us to not be greedy by plundering precious resources at the expense of the neglected poor; where does this still apply in today’s world?

S Ezk 36.16-36: use verses 25 -27 to reinvigorate your relationship with God. Accept his forgiving cleansing, and a new heart and spirit.


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