daily readings [wk 31]

July 29, 2013 — Leave a comment



M Ezk 37.1-14: bones & flesh need Spirit to animate them to life; pray for an in-filling of the Holy Spirit in you today: Come, Holy Spirit.

T Ezk  37.15-end: the two sticks symbolise reconciliation; where do you long to see reconciliation take place? Pray for it now.

W Ezk 39.21-end: God will not leave anyone behind (28); who do you often overlook & what could you do differently to include them?

T Ezk 43.1-12: here is a new Temple for God’s dwelling; there is no Temple now so where do you see God dwelling among us today?

F Ezk 44.4-16: a perfect Temple has no place for outsiders in it; why the desire to exclude & how does Jesus duly respond (Eph 2.14-18)?

S Ezk  47.1-12: fish & fruit for eating; water for life & leaves for healing; how might we view sustainable living in light of this passage?

You can also download an app for the daily reflections that we use at Daily Prayers
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