daily readings [wk 36]

September 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

il_570xN.87613657Daily Readings 02 September – 07 September 2013

M 1 Chronicles 10.1-11.9: Saul’s unfaithfulness led him to seek guidance from mediums (v.13); pray for your own faith & trust in God alone to grow.

T 1 Chronicles 13: Uzzah’s death makes God seems unjust to which David’s anger & fear is a common reaction; pray for any who are in this place today.

W 1 Chronicles 15.1-16.3: a great deal of care and attention is afforded to the Ark here; what can you do consciously to express & increase your reverence for God?

T 1 Chronicles 17: David’s plans are not God’s: You shall not build me a house to live in, (v.4); what plans  & dreams do you have that you might yet need to allow God to shape?

F 1 Chronicles 21.1- 22.1: God is displeased David doesn’t rely on him but trusts in his own resources; where do you need to allow yourself to lean more on God?

S 1 Chronicles 22.2-end: Solomon is young & inexperienced; look for opportunities to pass on your skills & knowledge to others & to receive from the skills & experience others too.


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