daily readings [wk 39]

September 22, 2013 — Leave a comment


Daily Readings 23 – 28 September 2013

M 2 Chron 9.1-12: the Queen reminds Solomon of the purpose of power (8); what is it & where do you have a responsibility to use your power in the same way?

T 2 Chron 10.1-11.4: wanting to appear strong, Rehoboam speaks threateningly (11); what is behind his fear of vulnerability? and yours?

W 2 Chron 12: what is the weakness of Rehoboam’s strength (1)? why, in contrast, is Paul ready to embrace his weaknesses (2 Cor 12.9)?

T 2 Chron 13.1-14.1: here is a story from a costly civil war; pray for any place in conflict with itself – especially for Syria – today.

F 2 Chron 14.2-end: Asa uses his power to reform politics; what reforms would you like our government to make? So pray for them now.

S 2 Chron 15.1-15: when faith becomes fanatical it disregards the lives of others (13); what is the right way to express a passion for God?


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