daily readings [wk 40]

September 29, 2013 — Leave a comment

il_570xN.87613657Daily Readings 30 September – 05 October 2013

M 2 Chron 17.1-12: the king was courageous in the ways of the Lord (6); why does faith often require courage & where do you need it in yours?

T 2 Chron 18.1-27: inquire first for the word of the Lord (4); what decisions are you facing? Put them before God in prayer for guidance.

W 2 Chron 18.28-19.end: the king reminds the judges of their vocation (6); pray for those who administer justice in our land today.

T 2 Chron 20.1-23: in his fear, Jehoshophat sought the Lord (3); of what are you presently fearful? Seek God in prayer about it.

F 2 Chron 22.10-23.end: Jehoshabeath protects a vulnerable child (11); pray for those who work to safeguard vulnerable children today.

S 2 Chron 24.1-22: the priest is a positive influence on the one with power (2); pray that the church might have the same influence on those who govern today.


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