daily readings [wk 41]

October 6, 2013 — Leave a comment


Daily Readings 07-12 October 2013

M 2 Chron 26.1-21: Uzziah hewed out cisterns for his herds (10); pray for those communities who even today lack clean drinking water.

T 2 Chron 28: Oded’s words ensure that humanitarian aid is prioritised over military aggression; pray for this in all places of conflict today.

W 2 Chron 29.1-19: the priests cleanse the temple; if your body is a temple of God’s Spirit (1 Cor.6.19) of what do you need to be cleansed?

T 2 Chron 29.20-end: the people bowed down as they worshipped; in what particular ways do you express your reverence for God too?

F 2 Chron 30: this is a defining moment of spiritual renewal; what did it mean for God’s people then…& what does all this mean for you?

S 2 Chron 32.1-22: Sennacherib tries to appeal to Judah’s fears (11); which voices continue to address us thus today & how do we faithfully resist?


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