daily readings [wk 44]

October 20, 2013 — Leave a comment


Daily Readings 21-26 October 2013

M John 17.1-5: this whole chapter is devoted to a long prayer between Jesus & God the Father; pray that you might look for ways to glorify Him today.

T John 17.6-19: Jesus intercedes for the spiritual protection of his disciples against the ‘world’ i.e. those who hate him; pray for those who suffer as Christians today.

W John 17.20-end: read v22-23 again & absorb what Jesus is saying here. What can you do to reduce division between yourself & others?

T John 18.1-11: when identifying himself in the garden, in the Greek original Jesus’ reply translates as ‘I Am’. Who does that remind you of?

F John 18.12-27: Peter famously denies he is a disciple of Jesus three times; do we, through silence and inaction conitnue do this too?

S John 18.28-end: ‘What is truth?’ (38). Pray for & do your bit for transparency, integrity & accountability in society & your relationships


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