daily readings [wk 45]

October 28, 2013 — Leave a comment


28 October – 02 November 2013

M John 19.1-16: Jesus is dressed as a king & mocked like a criminal as the Jewish leaders swear allegiance to the Roman Empire – what’s going on?

T John 19.17-30: John records the various events around the cross; how does he suggest there is a greater purpose in all these events?

W John 19.31-end: Nicodemus helps to bury Jesus; how might we map his journey to faith (cf 3.1-21, 7.45-52); how would you map yours?

T John 20.1-10: this happens ‘on the first day of the week whilst it was still dark’; read Genesis 1.1-5 & ponder the connection being made.

F Luke 9.18-27: Jesus asks: who do you say I am? Use this All Saints Day as an opportunity to reflect afresh on his question for yourself.

S John 20.19-end: betrayed, denied & abandoned, what is amazing about Jesus’ greeting here (19); how do you think he would greet you?


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