daily readings [wk 46]

November 4, 2013 — Leave a comment


Monday 04 – Saturday 09 November 2013

M Matthew 1.18-end: for Joseph it’s an angel who is God’s messenger; be ready and open to the many ways God is also speaking to you.

T Matthew 2.1-15: reflect on how the wise men link Old & New Testaments together; wisdom from the ancient world meets the new announcer & Saviour.

W Matthew 2.16-end: pray for all victims of man’s atrocities, past and present, and for the sanctity of human life to be recognised & respected.

T Matthew 3: We too are God’s beloved children (17); dwell on this now & feel affirmed at how awesome it is. Share this love & grace with others.

F Matthew 4.1-11: When tempted, continue to put your trust in God’s eternal mercy, justice and love, not the temporary things of this world.

S Matthew 4.12-22: Jesus’ words made an immediate, life-changing impact on James and John; identify areas of your life you too need to leave behind & follow Him.


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