daily reading [wk48]

November 18, 2013 — Leave a comment


November 18 – November 23 2013

M Matt 7.1-12: imagine yourself being on the receiving end of everything you say and do today – how will that affect how you behave (12)?

T Matt 7.13-end: here are three short teachings exhorting us to live with integrity; which one speaks most clearly to you and why?

W Matt 8.1-13: when Jesus heals he includes the excluded (4); who are the excluded ones whom you can seek out like Jesus today?

T Matt 8.14-22: the local people bring all manner of people to Jesus for healing; in your prayers bring others to Jesus for healing too.

F Matt 8.23-end: they begged Jesus to leave (34); why might it seem safer to keep Jesus at a distance? Do you ever keep him away? Why?

S Matt 9.1-17: the Pharisees ask, ‘Why does Jesus hang around with the wrong sort of people?’ What answer would you give them?


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