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November 25, 2013 — Leave a comment


Daily Readings 25 – 30 November 2013

M Matt 9.18-34: Jesus is perceived as a threat and so maligned (34); who do you find threatening? How do you react to them & why?

T Matt 9.35-10.15: to shake the dust from your feet (14) is a sign of separation; does this create division or does it bring liberation?

W Matt 10.16-33: you will be hated (22); do you ever encounter hostility because of your faith? Do you expect to? Why or why not?

T Matt 10.34-11.1: giving a cup of cold water to a child (42); what simple thing can you do today to express the love of Christ to someone more vulnerable than you?

F Matt 11.2-19: John confidently prepared the way for Jesus…now he questions; what questions do you have for Jesus? Ask them of him in prayer.

S John 12.20-32 (St Andrew): what is Andrew’s role in this episode? What qualities does it take to do what he did? Pray for them for yourself.


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