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December 2, 2013 — Leave a comment


December 02 – December 07 2013

M Matt 12.1-21: what portrait of Jesus emerges in these three episodes? What would you say he values? Pray for those qualities too.

T Matt 12.22-37: how does today’s portrait of Jesus contrast with yesterday’s? Which side of him do you prefer? Why do we need both?

W Matt 12.38-end: Jesus redefines notions of family: from biological to spiritual (50); what implications might this have for the church?

T Matt 13.1-23: every disciple is called to share in the sowing of the word of life whatever the response; where will you be sowing today?

F Matt 13.24-43: Jesus said nothing without a parable; he sees God in everyday events; how readily do you look for God beyond church?

S Matt13.44-end: people question Jesus’ credentials; what questions about him do you have?  Find someone to talk with about them.



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