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December 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

il_570xN.87613657December 09 – December 14 2013

M Matt 14.1-12: how does Herod ‘the ruler’ misuse his power in here? Pray for integrity & humility for all who lead in church & country.

T Matt 14.13-end: a story about a shortage of food; pray for the work of foodbanks this Christmas as they alleviate food poverty for many.

W Matt 15.1-20: traditions & rituals can both express faith and obscure it; what is the real test of an authentic faith (18-20)?

T Matt 15.21-28: an excluded woman opens Jesus’ inclusive heart; who do you (un/consciously) exclude & what might Jesus say to that?

F Matt 15.29-end: another story about hunger; pray for Parliament as it debates the use of foodbanks and hunger in the UK next week.

S Matt 16.1-12: the Pharisees haven’t read the signs of their time; what signs – environmental, economic, spiritual – do we need to heed today?


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