daily readings

December 23, 2013 — Leave a comment


23 December – 28 December 2013

M Matt 19.1-12: the Pharisees question about divorce; Jesus reframes it with marriage; do you have an issue that you need to reframe?

T Matt 19.13-15: a brief story about children follows the argument about marriage & divorce; why might this sequence be significant?

W Matt 1.18-end: look at the two names given to the baby (21 & 23); what is God bringing to birth when Mary & Joseph’s child is born?

T Acts 6: Stephen embodies service (1-7) and experiences conflict (8-15); reflect on the priorities & shape of your faith in the light of his.

F 1 John 2.1-11: to what does John apply the images of light & dark (8-11)? Examine your relationships under the scrutiny of these words.

S Matt 2.13-18: the slaughter of the innocents…pray for all children suffering today from military violence sanctioned by those in power


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