daily readings 2014

January 26, 2014 — Leave a comment


27 January – 01 February 2014

M Matt 26.1-16: Jesus is anointed for his death and burial; pray for those who work in hospices and prepare the dying for a good death.

T Matt 26.17-35: if Jesus shares bread & wine with those who will betray him; how does this embody the gospel? (see Romans 5.8)

W Matt 26.36-46: the disciples’ sleep hides Jesus’ anguish from them; whose suffering do you need to awaken to and engage with today?

T Matt 26 47-56: Judas kisses, the soldiers arrest, a weapon is drawn & Jesus willingly yields; in the midst of betrayal &  violence, what does his response mean for you?

F Matt 26.57-end: Peter’s previous defiance fades & burns in blatant denial; when do you find it hard to be loyal to Jesus and why?

S Matt 27.1-10: Judas takes his own life & his money buys a burial ground; but did it have to end this way? What do you think Peter might say?


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