dailyreading 2014

February 16, 2014 — Leave a comment


17 – 23 February 2014

M Genesis 24.1-28: ‘O Lord…grant me success today’ (12); how might this prayer be misused? What is the best way to understand it?

T Genesis 24.29-end: Rebekah performs a great kindness for a total stranger (19); look for an opportunity to do something similar today.

W Genesis 25.7-11, 19-end: rivalry & favouritism will create issues for this family’s future; how has your family of origin shaped you?

T Genesis 26.34-27.40: yesterday’s issues remain unresolved around the deathbed; are there things for you to sort out before it is too late?

F Genesis 27.41-end of 28: despite everything, God has not given up on Jacob; do you believe that God is no less committed to you, whatever you have done?

S Genesis 29.1-30: harmful behaviours from one generation recur in the next; does the story of your family tree reveal anything similar?


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