daily readings 2014

March 2, 2014 — Leave a comment


03 – 08 March 2014

M Galatians 1: am I now seeking human approval (10)? Is the approval of others important to you? Whose approval matters most to you?

T Galatians 2.1-10: care for the poor is a uniting priority (10)? How much of a priority is this for you and how do you express it?

W Daniel 9.3-6, 17-19: pray Daniel’s prayer of confession after him and consider how it might be applied to our time and place today.

T Galatians 2.11-end: the Son of God who loved me & gave himself for me(20); dwell on these words; be filled with the love God has for you.

F Galatians 3.1-14: what problem does rule based religion present to us (10)? What is the solution and what does it ask of us (14)?

S Galatians 3.15-22: the law is a social good and provides a moral code; both are important but what cannot it not do that faith can?


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