10 March – 15 March 2014

M Galatians 3.23-4.7: we are baptised into Christ and clothed with Christ (27); how will your life reflect this and resemble Jesus today?

T Galatians 4.8-20: God liberates from slavery (8,9); where can you testify to this freedom and where do you still need to be released?

W Galatians 4.21-5.1: Christ sets us free for freedom (1); does freedom describe the nature of your faith? If not why not & what does?

T Galatians 5.2-15: if Christian freedom is not about self indulgence (13) how should it be expressed and how will you show it?

F Galatians 5.16-end: two opposing lists (19-21 & 22-23); choose one thing from each that particularly applies to you and pray about it.

S Galatians 6: let us not grow weary in doing right (9); when are you energised to do what is right & why can it sometimes feel joyless?


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