daily readings 2014

April 13, 2014 — Leave a comment


April 14 – April 19 2014

Luke 22.1-23: Judas is not the only one guilty of Jesus’ death. Give thanks that when we too turn away it’s never too late to return.

Luke 22.39-53: A kiss from Judas, a trusted friend; contrasted with the sinful woman’s kiss in Luke 7.38, which one is an act of love?

Luke 22.54-end: Peter’s famous denial; when do we too through inaction and omission deny Jesus in our everyday lives?

Luke 23.1-25 (Maundy Thursday): Pilate acquiesces…imagine being in his position: what if anything, would you have done differently?

Hebrews 10.1-10 (Good Friday): Jesus is sacrificed once and for all; take time today to confess and experience forgiveness for your sins.

John 2.18-22: (Holy Saturday): The temple is Jesus’ body, He’s crucified but is raised again; what does tomorrow’s resurrection mean to you?


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