Justin Welby backs Christian Aid Week to help people face a future without fear

May 2, 2014 — Leave a comment

God and Politics in the UK

This year’s Christian Aid Week (11-17 May 2014 www.caweek.org), Britain’s longest running door-to door fundraising week, is asking the British public to support communities in war-ravaged countries to rebuild their lives and live a life free from fear.

In the special video message above filmed at Lambeth Palace, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby encouraged churches to get involved.

He said: ‘Reconciliation is important to Christians. It’s more than important to Christians – it’s the very foundation of what it is to be a Christian. And Christian Aid’s 2014 objective around tackling violence, building peace is at the heart of this overflow of God’s reconciliation into the world.’

Worldwide more than 45.2 million people are displaced by conflict and more than 1.5 billion are living in conflict affected countries, according to the United Nations. The World Bank cites the insecurity caused by violence as one of the primary development challenges of our time and says…

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