daily readings 2014

May 5, 2014 — Leave a comment


05 May – 10 May 2014

M Luke 1.1-25: God speaks to the priest in the temple-much to his great surprise! What are your honest expectations of a meeting with God when you worship?

T Luke 1.26-38: ‘Here I am; let it be to me according to your word…’; where is God prompting you to yield to something new and risky in faith?

W Luke 1.39-56: where do power and wealth bring oppression today and whom does it oppress? Keeping those in mind, read Mary’s song again.

T Luke 1.57-end: John is born to be a signpost to Christ for the sake of others; who is God calling you to be and how will you point others in God’s direction?

F Luke 2.1-20: Mary ponders her son (19); when and why did you last ponder anything? What might it mean for you to ponder Jesus, like Mary did, as well?

S Luke 2.21-40: Simeon sees Jesus as the light of God (32) & as someone who will unsettle many (34); what does it mean that Jesus manifests both?


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