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May 19, 2014 — Leave a comment


19 May – 24 May

M Luke 4.38-end: some had just tried to kill Jesus (29); others can’t leave him alone (42); how does Jesus deal with stress & busyness generated by others? And how do you?

T Luke 5.1-11: a massive catch of fish was like a bonus pay day for Simon; so what do you make of his reaction (8) and his subsequent decision (11)?

W Luke 5.12-26: Jesus knows others disapprove of him but he doesn’t stop doing what he knows he can (22-25); how much are your choices condition by others?

T Luke 5.27-end: Jesus appears to keep bad company; the religious crowd disapprove.  What are they really afraid of and what can we learn from Jesus?

F Luke 6.1-11: feeding hungry people and healing poorly ones…or sticking to the rules about Sabbath observance; which is real worship and why?

S Luke 6.12-26: which describes you better: verses 20-21 or verses 24-25; how similar or different is Jesus’ idea of what blessing looks like to yours?


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