Recent sermons from our Sunday morning services.



Of sheep and goats and brothers and sisters
Matthew 25.31-end
Jonathan Burdett, 26.11.2017

120 Pledge Sunday
Acts 4, Psalm 96 and Revelation 11
Richard Taylor, 19.11.2017

This sermon was preached as an edited compilation of three sermons given at the time of the Consecration of St Barnabas in 1898 (there was a week of special services) on verses from Acts 4, Psalm 96 and Revelation 11. It formed part of our 120 Pledge Sunday: approaching our 120th year, what legacy have we inherited and what do we want to pass on?

Ephesians 6.10-20
Annie Kurk, 12.11.2017

If we are not busy then who are we?
Matthew 25.14-30
Anne Cocking, 05.11.2017

(with apologies for the poor sound quality:
an issue with our microphones – do not adjust your speakers!)



Begin again in a different way
Exodus 34.1-9
Annie Kurk, 29.10.2017

The Man in the Middle
Exodus 33.12-end
Richard Taylor, 22.10.2017

A Time for Goodbye
Ecclesiastes 3.1-8
Amanda Garland King, 08.10.2017

Harvest – Giving or Receiving?
Exodus 16.2-15
Annie Kurk, 01.10.2017



What does impossible mean?
Exodus 15.1-21
Anne Cocking, 24.09.2017

Remembering who you are
Exodus 12.1-14
Gerard Rundell, 10.09.2017

 Is something burning?
Exodus 3.1-14
Annie Kurk, 03.09.2017


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