Recent sermons from our Sunday morning services.


JULY 2017

Slavery & Adoption
Romans 8.12-27
Anne Cocking, 09.07.2017

Sinners Anonymous
Romans 7.15-25a
Gerard Rundell, 02.07.2017


JUNE 2017

Dying to Sin, Rising to Life
Romans 6.1-11
Annie Kurk 25.06.2017

The God who makes sense of our stories
Romans 5.1-8
Richard Taylor, 18.06.2017

Doubting & Believing
Matthew 28.16-20
Anne Cocking, 11.06.2017

From law giving to life giving
Acts 2.1-21
Annie Kurk, 04.06.2017


MAY 2017

Submit. Unload. Resist. Hope.
1 Peter 5.6-11
Amanda Garland King, 28.05.2017

1 Peter 3.13-end
Anne Cocking, 21.05.2017

Non-violent but never passive
1 Peter 2.18-25
Richard Taylor, 07.05.2017


APRIL 2017

Spiritual people doing spiritual things
1 Peter 2.1-5
Richard Taylor, 30.04.2017


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